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Apple iPad Pro 9.7 2017 Slim Smart Blue Cover

Apple iPad Pro 9.7 2017 Slim Smart  Blue Cover

Easy to Fit & Remove

Brand New Premium Quality

Tough & Durable Yet Compact & Sleek

Soft Padding on Inside to Protect iPad Screen

Tray Holder Ensure Steady Fit & 360 Degree Rotatable

Supports Two Convenient Standing Positions Both in Vertical and Horizontal Mode

Easy Access to All Features & Controls of iPad Mini Without Having to Remove the Case

Protects from Falls, Bumps, Fingerprints, Scratches & Dust

Elastic Strap Closure Ensures That Your iPad Cover Stay Closed While On The Move

Supports iPad Sleep/Wake Function

This Case is Perfectly Compatible with iPad's Sleep/Wake Function.

On Opening The Cover iPad Instantly Wakes Up/Unlocks & On Closing it Goes to Sleep/Locks Automatically

How to Enable Sleep / Wake Function, Function on Your iPad:

To Make Sure That This Function Works Properly For Your iPad You Need To Go To Settings > General > iPad Cover Lock / Unlock & Press ON

(Click to Here View Snapshot of the Settings)

What's Included

1x Flip Case

1x Stylus Pen

Price: 11.99

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