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BlackBerry Passport Black PU Leather Wallet Case Cover

BlackBerry Passport Black PU Leather Wallet Case Cover

Product Description:

PU Leather Wallet Case Cover

Protects your phone all around with cut out for ports & connectors

Pre-Cut Slots for Credit/Debit/Store Cards & Money Slot

Made to Measure for BlackBerry Passport

Keep's your Phone safe from bumps and scratches with this leather Wallet case by Sleek Gadgets.

Made from high quality PU leather, you can quickly and easily access your handset without compromising your phones security.

Confidently store your handset in your pocket, bag or briefcase without worrying that it will get damaged.

The Wallet case allows easy access to your phone ports, functions and screen.

Manufacturer's Description

Great Design

The Wallet case is smart and sophisticated with a smooth texture that will show off your individuality and style also includes Credit/Debit Card Slots with High-quality manufacturing and finish show attention to detail whilst the colour or design will complement any style to suit your needs.

Safe, Secure and Comfortable

Made from a strong, hard-wearing leather-effect material, the case provides excellent protection for your phone. Designed specifically for your phone, the case fits perfectly and adds very little bulk whilst the smooth finish means it's comfortable to hold. The clip catch keeps the case closed and makes sure the screen is protected when you're not using your phone.

Made for your Phone

Because the case has been designed specifically for the the model listed above, it not only fits perfectly, but is also simple to insert or remove when you need to. You can easily access all the buttons, the camera and its touch screen.

Package: 1 x Wallet Case

Price: 12.99

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