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Blackberry Z10 Shock Proof Defender Case Cover

Blackberry Z10 Shock Proof Defender Case Cover

This unique and elegant quality Silicone + Pc Hard Back Case designed to protect and perfectly fit your precious Phone. It can protect your Phone from scratches, other daily damage and daily hazards element that may dirt your Phone. A case like this has all the combined beauty with functionality by utilizing high-quality materials and fine craftsmanship. This is truly the perfect case, for your valuable phone. The perfect design enable you to easy control all the buttons and connectors, no need removing the case cover. Simple and elegant style while prevents scratches and dings without adding a lot of bulk.

Made of Durable Plastic and Silicone Material
Perfect Fit with Access to all Ports and Buttons
Easily applied & removed, Prevents scratches and damages to your phone
100% perfect fit.

Price: 9.99

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