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Nokia Lumia Wallet Leather Case Cover

Nokia Lumia Wallet Leather Case Cover

-Easy to Fit & Remove - Quick & Easy Magnetic Lock
-Includes Screen protector and polishing cloth to Prevent Scratches, bumps, grease and finger prints
-Slots/Pockets for Bank Cards/Currency Notes
-Keep your handset secure whilst on the move, with internal padding giving extra security against bumps.
-Designed Specifically to Fit the Particular Device Perfectly
-Brand new and designed to precisely fit the NOKIA LUMIA 635
-Easy To Install with Three Layer Technology
-Protects Screen From Dirt, Grease, Scratches & Fingerprints
-Easy Removal with No Adhesive
-Reusable and will not leave residue as no adhesive involved
-Ultra clear and provides great clarity

Package Includes:
1 X PU leather case
1 x Screen Protector

Price: 6.49

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