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Orange Infinity Bluetooth Headphones with Music Controls and Call Mic

Orange Infinity Bluetooth Headphones with Music Controls and Call Mic

Ref: 100031

Our Infinity range of Bluetooth Headphones combine sound quality, style, practicality and affordability in to one great product.Listen to your music or audio from any Bluetooth device without the restrictions that come with wires. Move freely around your bedroom or office while your device sits charging in its dock. Or, even pop your phone into your pocket or bag and carry on listening to your music without feeding leads through your clothing. No tangles, no mess. Just stay within 10 meters of your device for great sound!Stylish...Our Infinity range offer a compact stylish design without any of the bulk often associated with your average pair of "can" style headphones. They fit snugly over your head and sit comfortably over your ears. The adjustable slider above each earpiece allow the headphones to be extended where necessary for the perfect fit.Connect via Bluetooth...These headphones operate over Bluetooth allowing the wearer to listen to audio from any Bluetooth compatible device within a 10 meter range without the need for a physical wired connection between the two. They support Bluetooth v3.0 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) enabling data transfer rates of up to 3 Mbit/s. This basically means they sound great because more data can be transferred each second between your device and the headphones.

Price: 20.99

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