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Spigen Samsung Galaxy S7 Case Liquid Crystal Clear

Spigen Samsung Galaxy S7 Case Liquid Crystal  Clear

Item Description:

The Liquid Crystal is the ultimate Galaxy S7 case serving both worlds of protection and lightweight elasticity. In our effort to preserve the original brilliance of the S7, we've engineered this case to be flexible yet durable with a transparency that complements the individual device colors for an elegantly inconspicuous charm. The Liquid Case fits snugly and stays slim to live up to its name, adding no extra bulk.

Thinnest and most lightweight case for Galaxy S7
Premium TPU material for durable flexibility and transparency
Defined Fit: Form-Fitted to the phone
Embossed buttons that are easy to press
Galaxy S7 Case Compatible with Galaxy S7 (2016)

1x Liquid Crystal Case

Price: 14.99

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