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Bluetooth Speaker 2.0 Voyager 20 W Black/Anthracite

Bluetooth Speaker 2.0 Voyager 20 W Black/Anthracite

Product description
Wireless Bluetooth speaker to enjoy up to 6 hours of music anytime, anywhere. It is equipped with NFC technology which allows for easy pairing through a single touch of an NFC enabled personal media device. The speaker delivers an output power of 20 W RMS which guarantees a rich and clear sound with a deep bass. In addition to the spatial sound reproduction, the compact speaker is also equipped with a built-in power bank to recharge mobile devices.

• Compact design with spatial stereo sound
• NFC technology for easy pairing with NFC enabled personal media devices
• Built-in power bank for on-the-go charging of personal media devices

Package contents
Wireless Bluetooth® speaker
Power adapter
3.5-mm audio cable

Price: 69.99

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