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Nut Smart Bluetooth Mini Tag Child Pet Key Wallet GPS Tracker Finder - Orange

Nut Smart Bluetooth Mini Tag Child Pet Key Wallet GPS Tracker Finder - Orange

Item Description:

Where was this device all your waking adult life?! A two way blue tooth tracking device that you can operate from an app in your smartphone and that actually reminds you when it is near enough. It’s not only you looking for your car keys; it’s your car keys also looking for you. You can develop a call and response protocol all on your own.

The Nut is a device that can be paired with most smart phones and its maximum range can go up to 50 metres. Relax and read a newspaper while your luggage travels down the conveyor belt, it will buzz as soon as you are within range. And it hardly consumes any power! You can manage 6 Nut bluetooth tags at the same time. For app: please visit www.nutspace.com/download.php.

iOS system: iPhone 4s / iPhone 5/ iPhone 5c/ iPhone 5s/ iPhone 6
iPad 3 / iPad 4 / iPad mini / iPad mini2 / iPad AirTouch 5
Android system: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 / Note 3 / S3 / S4 / S5
GoogleNexus 4 / Nexus 5
LG G2/G3
Supports Bluetooth 4.0 and Android system version 4.3 and above.

Nut Bluetooth tracking tag
Never lose your things again
Can also be used to track children or pets
Ultra-low power consumption
Compatible with most iOS or Android devices
Range of Alarm: 50 metres
Can connect 6 tags at the same time
English instructions included
Size: 36mm x 36mm x 5.8mm, weighs 10g

Package Included:
1 X Nut Bluetooth Tracking Tag (Included a CR2032 battery)

Price: 12.99

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