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Original Earphones For Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 S8Plus

Original Earphones For Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 S8Plus

Original AKG Headphones For Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 S8 Plus Earphones Handsfree

Official Original Samsung Galaxy S8/S8Plus Headphones - Tuned By AKG
The Samsung Galaxy S8 is sold along with a pair of high quality headphones from Harmon Kardon’s AKG brand – which is exactly what you’re getting here.
The Galaxy S8 AKG Headphones also feature and inline remote and mic that can be used with an Android device to for taking and making calls, controlling music and some phone functions.
These headphones represent unparalleled value for money. The earpieces have been expertly tuned by AKG to deliver the cleanest, crispest highs complemented by the richest bass tones delivering a superb listening experience – you wouldn’t accept any less than perfect form Harman Kardon and AKG and these Galaxy S8 headphones are no different.
The headphones have been designed with comfort as a priority and feature soft rubber ear tips that fit ergonomically in the ear directing sound to the optimal part of the ear.
The Galaxy S8 AKG by Harman Kardon headphones are serious quality at a very affordable price!

Price: 11.99

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