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Portable Power Bank Lithium-Ion 20000 mAh USB Black

Portable Power Bank Lithium-Ion 20000 mAh USB Black

Product description
Charge two devices simultaneously, such as smartphones, tablets, navigation systems, digital cameras and many other devices. This powerbank provides a convenient solution at the office, at home or while you are travelling.
In addition, it features a powerful LED which works as a torch.
The powerbank enables you to charge your smartphone up to 8 times or your tablet up to 3 times.*
*Number of full charges may vary by device and conditions.

• Charges 2 devices simultaneously
• Protection against overcharging, short circuiting & overheating
• LED light which works as a torch
• Charges smartphones up to 8 times and tablets up to 3 times

Package contents
1x powerbank
1x Micro USB cable

Price: 33.99

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