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Qi Wireless Car Quick Charger And Mount Holder for Android Or iphone

Qi Wireless Car Quick Charger And Mount Holder for Android Or iphone

—Wireless Charger in Car
The wirelss charger is designed for cars, you can put down your phone and then charger it while driving.

—Gravity car mount
Used Gravity mechanical principle, it can be automatically locked with gravity after a mobile phone is placed inside and it can be automatically unlocked by losing gravity after the mobile phone is taken away.

—Intelligent and Quick Charge
Built-in intelligent chip, self-adaptive to the device required current and then charger quickly.
Support 9V/1.8A quick charge and 5V/2A standard Charge.

—Convenient One-hand Operation
You just need put into your phone and the two functions of navigating and charging in one-hand operation will be achieved, which will be very quick and convenient.

Maximum Input: 5V-2A / 9V-1.8A
Maximum Output: 5.0V-1.5A / 9V-1.1A
Charging Frequency: 110-205KHz
Conversion: =73%
Transmission Distance: 5-8mm
Colour: Black
Fit For: For 4.0-6.5inch width mobile phone
Adapter: Please use 5V 2A and above adapter which compatible with QC2.0/QC3.0 protocol.

Please be note: The charging power is intelligent adapted according to the mobile phone. Not all mobile phones support 10W output. And please use an adapter that meets the requirements (5V 2A and above adapter which compatible with QC2.0/QC3.0 protocol), not just connect it to any USB port, otherwise it can not perform the full output power (5.0V-1.5A / 9V-1.1A).

Compatible Models (No need receiver):
- For iPhone X, 8 & 8 Plus
- For Xiaomi MIX 2S
- For Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus
- For Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus
- For Samsung Galaxy Note 8
- For Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge
- For Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge
- For Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Note 5 Edge
- For LG G2 / G3 / G Pro
- For Google Nexus4 / Nexus5 / Nexus6 / Nexus7
- For Nokia Lumia 822 / Lumia 830 / Lumia1020 / Lumia1520
- For HTC Droid DNA / One Mini2 / One M8 Eye, For HTC 8X / Incredible 4G LTE / Butterfly / One E9 Butterfly 3
- For Sony Z3V / Z4V
- For GEAK Mars
- For Sharp SH-07D, SH-04D, SH-02D, SH-13C
- For Hike X1
- For Philips X732

Price: 23.99

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