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White Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

White Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Tablets and smartphones are great devices when we are on the move, but don’t you wish for a better, physical keyboard without relying on the limited ‘touch-screen’ functionality?

The new Bk-100 is a low-cost but quality tactile keyboard using the latest Bluetooth(tm) wireless technology to easily connect to your tablet, smartphone or many other devices using a Bluetooth(tm) connection. Not restricted by messy wires, the BK-100 keyboard allows connection up to 10-metres from your device, ideal for sharing with other users or linking to your media centre in the living room.
Full-size QWERTY keyboard - 78 keys - UK Layout
• Bluetooth(tm) V3.0 with up 10-metre wireless range
• Ideal for iPad(tm), Macbook(tm), Android(tm), Windows and others
• Dedicated application keys for brightness, volume etc*
• Powered by x2 , AAA batteries for long life (not supplied)
• Bluetooth connection and pairing LED
• Dimensions (HxWxD): 19x286x121mm

Price: 21.99

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