4200mAh External Power Bank Battery Charger Case for Samsung Galaxy S6

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Charge on the go - Leave the cover on to simultaneously protect and charge your phone. Drastically increase your phone's battery life!

Easy and secure attachment and release - extendable bracket


 Capacity 4200mAh         

 Li polymer Lithion-Ion battery - 5 hour charging time         

Weight: 105g, Cycle life: 500 times, Output: 5V / 1000mA        


 For Galaxy S6 

Total capacity 4200mAh

∙ Accepts your standard USB charger             

∙ 4 LED lights to indicate charge status  

∙ Protection - protects the sides at all four corners         

∙ Retractable strut so you can leave your phone standing         

∙ Extendable top - can be pulled up to insert and remove phone


(No reviews yet) Write a Review