5000mah Portable Solar Power Bank Charger Waterproof 2USB +LED Torch For All Phones

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This  Solar Powered Charger has a 5000mAh battery big enough to charge your devices several times over. Whether it's you iPod, iPhone, Android Phone or other device that needs charging, this charger is fit for the task. It has two USB inputs and a Micro USB input as well, equipping it with the ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Also, in emergencies, like perhaps a power outage, this portable solar power bank has an LED light that will help you find your way to safety. This makes it a perfect camping tool, for instance, along with a wide range of other applications.

• Battery type: Li-ion Battery
• Capacity: 5000mAh
• Materials: ABS+PC
• Dimension: 142 x 75 x 13.6mm
• Solar charging: 5V/200mA
• Input: DC 5V/1A
• Output: DC 5V/1A

Weatherproof, Dustproof, Shockproof !
(Can waterproof outdoor, but don't bring it diving. don't let it in the water for a long time.)
Not only is this little device revolutionary in the way it gathers electricity, it's also rough and ready for a host of applications. Unafraid dust, this portable power bank is dustproof. The same goes for shock - for instance, if you were to drop it, this solar power bank is equipped to deal with the blow and keep working. And it's weatherproof, too, which is essential for a device that is meant to be taken anywhere: a portable charger for camping, a power bank for a boat trip, a charger for a construction worker. With an amazing, unique, rugged design, this charger is ready to take on the world.

Package Content:
1x Solar Power Bank
1x Micro cable( for power bank)
1x Manual

Please note:

Please charge the device through wall outlet for the first time
Solar charging is supplemental , DO NOT replay on it full charge


(No reviews yet) Write a Review