Apple iPad air 2 2014Kids Purple Shockproof EVA Foam Stand Case

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Product Overview

Kids Safe Material
A Non - Toxic Child safe Foam Material is used for this iPad Case making it friendly for your child!

Shockproof Design
Everything about this case spells Shockproof! From the Heavy Duty Foam Material, to the increased Lip all around the Screen for Screen Protection, this case really is your childs new best friend! This will protect the iPad from impacts and is made to last!

2 Stand Functions
This case will transform into a Kick stand for those movies too with a simple fold out bottom section. Alternatively flip it for a totally different angle! Check out our photos to see the 2 different angles provided by these Kickstand functions.

Easy Carry
We know how much kids love their iPads! That's why we've created a built in handle meaning they can carry the iPad with them wherever they go! This will also mean no more losing their expensive iPad tablet or dropping it on the go either!

Screen Protection
We've ensured to include a thick lip all around the iPad case to ensure that if the iPad falls with the Screen facing down, then the increased lip will mean the Screen will not come into contact with the surface. This means more protection for that all important and expensive LCD Screen!

Tight Snug Fit
We can ensure you your iPad won't slip out of this. Once inserted in, you will feel that the iPad is fit nice and snug and won't come out with ease meaning there is no chance of the iPad slipping out of the case!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review