Apple iPhone X Xs Black Neoprene Phone Pouch Sock Cover Case

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Product Overview

This neoprene pouch with the KOMODO logo offers stylish protection for your device. Its durable neoprene construction safeguards against scratches, knocks and keeps your device secure inside.

Whether you carry it as a stand-alone case or place it inside your favourite bag, this sleeve provides exceptional protection with a simple stylish design.

The soft material helps preserve the surface finish of your device and a secure Velcro fastening tab makes this a great protection case.

Specifications / Features:


  • Simple and effective design
  • Velcro closing tab to secure your device
  • Neoprene sleeve is flexible and versatile
  • Stretchy material allows it to fit a range of different phones
  • Protects from bumps and scratches
  • Minimises dust and dirty getting into device
  • Colour: Black


(No reviews yet) Write a Review