Earphones For Samsung A02s A12 A22 A32 A42 A52 A72 A82 5G Headphones Handsfree

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This Premium Quality 3.5mm Aux Jack Handfree, are designed to bring high quality audio to your earswith its unique dual speaker, tangle free cable design & a choice of ergonomic controls It delivers optimal listening, comfort, convenience and ease of use to the user, excellent sound, sleek ergonomic design providing more comfort to wear, this is ensured by the integrated wind and noise suppression, making this headset ideal for outdoor activities, unique ergonomic design, the built-in control with ergonomic button design gives your greater control over features such as mic, play, stop and volume, lightweight and comfortable, elegantly designed earphone is made specifically for your phone under the team of reputable engineers and technicians, so it’s reliable than standard headphones.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review