For Fitbit Flex 2 USB Charging Charger Cable Lead Fitness Tracker Wristband Band

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Product Overview

This is OEM high quality USB charging cable charger for FitBit Flex 2 wireless fitness bracelet. Replace your USB charging cable for FitBit Flex 2 wireless activity wristband. This cable functions excellent and efficient way. To charge your device, remove the pedometer unit from the wristband and plug the unit into cradle part of the cable taking care to ensure pins are aligned correctly and insert into your USB port and the device will begin charging.

Additional Information:-
• Compatible with Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Wristband.
• Super easy, Plug and Play
• Replace your damage with this new high quality cable.
• High quality OEM part replacement
• Excellent fitting & functionality of OEM parts is guaranteed.

1 x USB Charging Cable


(No reviews yet) Write a Review