Genuine Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 plus ultra Vehicle Car Dock Holder Cradle

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Product Overview

Universal Design

The Vehicle Dock is a product that repeat improvements put a mobile device safely. It's in the form of a neat design and has the ability to adjust a variety of angles. Slim design minimizes view obstruction while driving with or without the handset docked. Vehicle Dock is designed for Series (4" to 5.8") and to the GALAXY Mega and fully compatible with them.

Features a ball joint for multiple positions and angles
This Samsung Genuine holder features a robust and smooth ball joint which allows you to easily position the Smart phone in optimal positions for both portrait and horizontal orientations so you can view it safely and legally when driving. The quality of the design and materials ensures that when the phone is in the holder, the joint does not move under the weight of the phone or when the car is in motion.


Adjustable holder is compatible with case fitted Smartphone

The vehicle dock also includes spring loaded adjustable grips which gently squeeze to the right width of the Smartphone .


Includes a secure windscreen mount mechanism

At the base of the vehicle dock a secure suction cap mechanism will keep the phone fixed to the windscreen with no problems, ensuring the phone will not fall out when going around corners.


Genuine Samsung product

As it is a genuine Samsung  product, quality is guaranteed and it offers fantastic fit and ensures that your handset will be safely secured whilst you're driving.

Physical Dimensions:
Vehicle Dock: 115mm (W) x 70mm (L)
Weight: 145g

Contents: Samsung Car holder kit EE-V200 universal for devices from 4" to 5.5", manual

Technical data:
- Suitable for devices between 4" and 5.7"
- Simple and fast mounting and demounting
- Adjustable viewing angle

Compatible with devices from 4" to 5.7"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review