Lightweight Power Bank Battery Charger & USB-C and iPhone Adapter For All Phones

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The vCard power bank portable charger is the perfect companion for your phone. Have you ever been in that situation where you run out of phone battery when you need it the most? If so, this is the solution for you. Incredibly slim, compact and easy to carry. Easy to connect, recharges your phone like a normal charger. Then high-quality battery cell ensures protection for your device and fast charge.

The vCard portable external charger is ideal for camping trips, people on the go and general use during the day when you overuse your phone. It’s 100% compatible with Android, and other phones come with a built-in cable, so you don’t need to remember to bring one. The vCard is an AQL quality assured item with a full1 year warranty so you can be sure of aftersales service.


Vida IT

Battery Capacity 2500mAh
Battery Type Lithim Ion
Cable Gauge 28 AWG
Cable Length 10cm
Cable Type Built-In Micro USB
Charge Time 1-2 Hours
Certificates CE, FC and RoHS
Colour Black
Compatible Devices All device with Micro USB, Type C and iPhone
Condition New
Design Ultra Slim
Dimensions 96 x 62 x 8mm
Fit Design Slim
Max Power Output 5 Watts
Power Connection Type Micro USB
Power Indicator LED Light
Power Input 5V 1Amp
Power Output DC 5V 1Amp


(No reviews yet) Write a Review