Portable 2800 mAh External Power Bank Pack USB Battery Charger For Mobile Phone

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PCM5AH2 Camouflaged Rainproof and Dustproof Outdoor Power Bank

PCM2AH6 is a low cost ruggedized IP54 rated Camouflaged Power Bank which can be fully charged from your own mobile USB charger or any other USB charging device in around 5 hours. It features 1x USB 5V output. It uses high quality lithium polymer batteries and has a high power conversion efficiency giving maximum battery capacity to your equipment. Comes complete with USB to micro USB cable which will charge most devices. iPhones can be charged via their own standard charging cable.  The compact size makes the PCM2AH6 ideal if you are travelling light!

This unique tough and rugged Camouflaged Power Bank is shock and water resistant and comes with a waterproof cover over the micro USB input and USB output to prevent ingress of dust and moisture. Also housed in a stylish camo rubber jacket makes it the ideal product for the outdoor individual. Features 1x 5V USB 1A output, status indicator LED and full electronic protection circuitry.  This compact device is ideal for charging portable device such as mobile smart phones. The PCM2AH6 can double the standby and talk time of a typical smart phone.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review