Samsung Galaxt S8 Anti Gravity Nano Suction Magic Goat Grip Selfe Case

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Product Overview

This sleek, slim cover not only protects your phone but gives you the added option of being totally hands free. The secret in the case is the namo suction technology. Thousands of nano sized suction cups, creating a strong seal between the case and flat surface, preventing your phone from falling.\n\n he case can stick to most flat surfaces such as mirrors, whiteboards, computer screens, metal, cabinets, tiles and many more. Here are some examples of use:\n\n Place on the bathroom mirror while shaving.\n Place on the kitchen cupboard while cooking.\n Place on a wall whilst following instructions.\n\n!!<>!!Package included !!<>!!\n• 1 x Anti-Gravity Case Black


(No reviews yet) Write a Review