Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 Black Double Window view case

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Product Overview

 PU leather Double Window book cases are light and portable, and are designed to perfectly fit your phone simply, safely, and securely; just clip your phone inside the tray and you are ready to go!

The case does not prevent full use of your phone’s features, so you can still speak, text, take photographs, browse the internet, listen to music, and charge your phone, all while your phone remains in the case at all times.

The case uses a magnetic clasp to keep your phone safe when not in use, and also features high-quality cotton stitching along the edge of the case.



  • The window on the front allows you to see the date/time and other important information.

  • The lower window allows you to answer calls.
  • Access to slots for earphone, charger, volume, camera and flash

  • A strong plastic tray inside the phone which will hold your phone to keep it secure and safe. 

  • Magnetic clasp keeps phone securely closed when not in use.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review