Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Shockproof TPU Bumper Gel Crystal Clear Black Case Cover

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Product Overview

A back panel made of only the highest grade PolyCarbonate means you can showcase your natural beauty of your Samsung without any interference! I mean why buy such a beauty and then cover it up in a big and bulky case right? Our material is of a special grade which ensures that your Samsung will charge wireless to its fullest potential without any issues.\nThis case takes literally less than 10 seconds to install and is a simply clip on case requiring no skill or technical experience. This case is also easy to remove when need be and won't damage your phone in the process. If you like a case where once applied, it maintains the look and feel of the original Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone then this case is definitely for you!\n!!<>!!Screen Protection!!<>!!\nDon't worry, we haven't forgotten about that all important Samsung Screen. We've thrown in a Free Film Screen Protector to protect from Dust / Dirt and Scratches so now your Samsung will remain in a pristine condition! Please note for any curved devices, the Film Screen protector will only cover the flat section. This is to avoid the protector peeling away after some time.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review