Samsung Galaxy S5 Ultra Clear LCD Screen Protector Guard Shields x3

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These are HIGH quality premium screen protectors for your device. Manufactured from a new ultra high-clarity plastic, we've been able to increase the thickness without impairing screen brightness or clarity. \n \nEasy to apply and remove, with no sticky residue left behind. \n \nHelps to prevent screen scratching and other damage.\n \nEach kit contains a cleaning cloth, Screen Guard Application Smoothing Card, and Instructions on the back of the packet to make application as bubble free as possible. \n \n3 layer protection means that the actual screen protector is sandwiched in between 2 protective layers of plastic to make application as easy as possible \n \nINCLUDED\n \n3 x Screen Protectors\n1 x Cleaning Cloth\n1 x Applicator Card


(No reviews yet) Write a Review