Samsung Galaxy S9 Mirror Smart View Clear Flip Cover - Silver

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This case allows you to view the date/time or any incoming notifications without having to open the case which effectively means you can be on the go and simply view effortlessly any information required from the main screen.\nSave Battery\nThis will also save battery life as the IC chip will detect when the phone doesn't have a notification and will put the screen in sleep mode to ensure optimum battery life.\nShockproof Protection\nIt can protect your Samsung Galaxy Phone Back, Front and frame from Scratches, Dusts, Collisions and Abrasion.\nWireless Charging Compatible\nOur material is of a special grade which ensures that your Samsung Galaxy Phone will charge wireless to its fullest potential without any issues.\nEasy Access\nNo more hassle of having to take your case off just to listen to music or charge ever again! Special Cut outs allow access to all ports.\n


(No reviews yet) Write a Review