Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 T580 T585 2016 Purple Eva foam case

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Product Overview

Child Safe Non Toxic Material
When purchasing for your loved ones, it’s important to make sure the Material on these cases is Non Toxic and safe for children. With us, you can rest assured that our Kids iPad Cases are 100% safe.

Shockproof Protection
Worried that the expensive iPad you just purchased for your Kids is going to get ruined? Worry no more! This tough shockproof case will serve all their needs. It is made of Foam material which will absorb impacts when the iPad is thrown around (we’ve all been there).

Multi Angle Movie Stand
A built in Movie stand allows the Kids to simply put the iPad in one place and effortlessly view any videos / movies they like. This will mean they no longer need to hold the iPad close to their eyes and can be placed at a safe distance for optimal viewing. All this while providing 2 angles too! Simply choose an upright angle or flip the case over for a laid back tilted view.

Carry Handle
We all know kids want to take their iPad with them everywhere! That’s why we’ve built in a handle which not only allows them to take this with them, but also in a safe manner too! The simple handle means there’s a less chance of the precious iPad being dropped and damaged while being carried.

Lip For Screen Protection
We all know how expensive iPad screens are! That’s why we included an increased lip all around the iPad screen. Even if laid flat against the floor, the screen will not come into contact with anything due to the lip. This will mean your screen will remain safer within this case and will be extra protected from any damage.

Heavy Duty

This case is made of a heavy duty material to ensure it can last with the daily rough use that kids will put them through! The case can also be cleaned with a simple wipe if any stains to arise.

Easy Installation

The iPad simply slides into this case from the back and fits nice and tight. This will ensure there is no chance of the iPad slipping out when being used. The installation is very easy and can be done in a matter of seconds


(No reviews yet) Write a Review