Smart Wall Plug On/Off - UK / Type G - 2 units

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Connect an electric appliance to this smart socket to manage and control the appliance from anywhere in the world. The socket is compatible with the SAS-CLALARM alarm system. It is also suitable to act as an RF extender to operate other König smart home system devices remotely via radio frequency.\n\nImportant: Only compatible with König smart home security systems SAS-CLALARM10 and SAS-CLALARM05.\n\n!!<>!!Features!!<>!!\n• Compatible with König SAS-CLALARM10 and SAS-CLALARM05 smart home security systems\n• Remotely manages electric appliances up to 3000 W\n• Also acts as RF extender\n\n!!<>!!Package contents!!<>!!\n2x smart power socket\n2x manuals


(No reviews yet) Write a Review