Virtual-Reality Glasses Black/Silver

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Attach your smartphone to these virtual reality glasses and immerse yourself in a movie or gaming world. Adjustable lenses and an ergonomic padding guarantee a perfect fit and an impressive user experience.\n\n!!<>!!Features!!<>!!\n• Anti-radiation nano-coated lenses to protect the eyes \n• 4-way adjustable lenses for accurate positioning\n• For smartphones with 3,5" - 6" screensize\n• Detachable magnetic front cover to enable live VR recordings\n• Also suitable to display augmented reality \n• Great-quality lenses for highly realistic images\n• Easy-to-use design compatible with most smartphones\n• Ergonomic padding and comfortable head strap for a perfect fit\n\n!!<>!!Package contents!!<>!!\n1x VR glasses\nmanual\n\n


(No reviews yet) Write a Review